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Laurie White
Director / Principal Draftsperson

Associate Diploma - Civil Engineering
gINT Level 1 Certification

Background Employment
Established Reumad Technical Services Pty Ltd in 2005
RailCorp (now Sydney Trains) Geotechnical Services 1990 to 2004

Geotechnical Drafting Unit Leader, Railcorp 2000-2004
Responsible for maintaining a high standard of CAD drafting, including drafting of all information gathered from geotechnical field investigations. Very experienced in drafting borehole logs, test pit logs, DCP plots, site plans, cross sections, longitudinal sections, and various remedial plans and sections. Also gained experience with a wide range of software including Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Acrobat to help organise the day to day running of the unit.

Geotechnical Field Investigation Officer, Railcorp 1993-2000
Travelled extensively throughout NSW with geotechnical drilling crews supervising field investigations of cuttings, embankments, bridges, culverts, tunnels, railway track formations and new structures. Became very experienced in logging, survey level runs, obtaining and storing soil & core samples, drawing field sketches, cross sections using tape and clinometer, hand augers, dynamic cone penetrometers (DCP) and operating electric friction cone penetrometer (EFCP) equipment.

Civil Drafting Cadetship, Railcorp 1990-1993
Gained experience in civil (track design) and structural drafting, geotechnical field investigations, soil testing, geotechnical monitoring, completed my Associate Diploma in Civil Engineering.


Laurie White
Reumad Technical Services
58 Ascot Road
Bowral NSW 2576

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